Who are we?  
  Ray Maritime is operating as trading house and head-contractor in ship building and innovative energy industries.

Ray Maritime is collaborating with well known / leading Turkish shipyards and subcontractors.

Within this context, Ray Maritime is also co-operating with world wide and well known technology companies and manufacturers.

It is a priority in Ray Maritime to co-operate with well known project management companies abroad, world wide. (more)
Scope of Vessel Types
Within the context of cooperation worldwide with buyers/end users and specialised Technology/Project Management Companies we are geard to offer and provide tailor made special units: (more)
Environmental Performance
Compliance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations is the starting point for our efforts, we did not incur any environmental fines or penalties. Beyond these legal requirements, we continually look for innovative ways to decrease energy, water, and materials use. Our environmental strategy features four key components which are resource conservation, responsible packaging, delivery and transportation. (more)
RMTT as a Trading House
Ray Maritime takes on contracts for shipbuilding as trading house and places them essentially with following shipyards according to size and type of vessel, in question.
You shall find us accountable in all our commitments and implementations. (more)
RMTT is Dedicated to: “Be value adding, be preserving environment, be responsible for Nature and Community, be producer of high quality products, be customer oriented...(more)
RMTT differintiate in: Products, Services, Customer Relations, Soultions, Vision, Knowledge Based, Efficient Managerial & Production Processes (more)
Turkish Shipbuilding Industry
Shipbuilding is a centuries old on going story in Turkey. The recession period of shipbuilding.(more)
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