Gisan Shipyards

2 newbuilding slipways each 170 mt x 25 mt
Delivered Projects
  Beşiktaş Greenland, 18000 DWT, Chemical Tanker
  Scorpius, 10500 DWT, Chemical Tanker
  Paksoy I, 8250 DWT, Dry Bulk Carrier
  Reşit Atasoy, 8200 DWT, Dry Bulk Carrier
  Hacı Hilmi II, 6500 DWT, Dry Bulk Carrier
  Denizhan Bayraktar, 6500 DWT, Container
  Mehtap Bayraktar, 6231 DWT, Container
  Hikmet K, 5800 DWT, Multi Purpose Container
  Gündem II, 5800 DWT, Multi Purpose Container
  Gündem I, 5328 DWT, Multi Purpose Dry Cargo
  Ahmet Ağaoğlu, 4304 DWT, Dry Bulk Carrier
  Yılmaz Ayanoğlu, 4850 DWT, Dry Bulk Carrier
  Nihat Doğruyol, 4750 DWT, General Cargo Ship
  Lider Kerem, 4700 DWT, Chemical Tanker
  Lider Yaman, 4700 DWT, Chemical Tanker
  Nathaja Teresa, 4300 DWT, Chemical Tanker
  Akaylar II, 4263 DWT, Dry Bulk Carrier
  E. Maria Theresa, 4000 DWT, Chemical Tanker
  Talipli, 3500 DWT, Chemical Tanker
  Nasipli, 3500 DWT, Chemical Tanker
  K. Aslan Fatoğlu, 5800 DWT, Multi Purpose Container
  M/T Dora, 7800 DWT Tanker
  M/T Gundem 4, 7800 DWT Tanker
  M/T Turquoise 13,500 DWT Tanker
  M/V Suat Karabekir 6000 DWT Multipurpose
  M/T Selandia Swan 18,000 DWT Tanker
  M/T Beşiktaş Greenland, 18000 DWT, Chemical Tanker
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Turkish Shipbuilding Industry
Shipbuilding is a centuries old on going story in Turkey. The recession period of shipbuilding.(more)
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