Turkish shipbuilding industry

Shipbuilding is a centuries old on going story in Turkey. The recession period of shipbuilding in last century has been substituted by a very vigorous era. Number of the yards reached almost a hundred and apart five of naval /state yards all are privately owned. In view of delivered GRT per year Turkish shipbuilding is number five in world and in yacht deliveries of longer than 25 m is number four. Most of the projects involved in are tailor made and chemical tankers, dry cargo vessels, tugs, offshore vessels, AHTS, fishing vessels are mostly built vessels. Besides the foregoing types of vessels recently offshore drilling platforms and liquid gas carries are included in the scope after successful deliveries. Generally Turkish Shipyard capacities are up to 35.000 DWT for single vessel but 100.000 DWT can be be built in few yards.

Most yards are furnished with Quality and HSE certificates further it is a general understanding and practice of Turkish Yards that the delivered vessels shall be of high quality. This is also a reflection of strong tendency towards quality in Turkish Exports.

Turkish Shipyards utilise subcontractors successfully almost in all kind of works. Subcontractors have successfully developed themselves in recent years and most of them have their own land based work shops and equipment. Even some have considerable investments beyond humble figures. A very important point that most of the projects have been designed by private Turkish Ship Design Offices which have reached a figure of ten.

Subsidiary industries are not only providing equipments to Turkish Shipyards but increasingly exporting to foreign countries year after year. Deck winches, hatch covers, valves of all kinds, main and secondary switchboards, cables, stainless steel deck equipments are some of them.
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Turkish Shipbuilding Industry
Shipbuilding is a centuries old on going story in Turkey. The recession period of shipbuilding.(more)
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